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Helping Students with ADHD, Anxiety and Depression Transition to College

Be Prepared for the College Transition

We are excited to announce a new program offered by Kunal Sachdev, Psy.D., who recently joined The Kulkarni Group, Ltd. Dr. Sachdev has a unique expertise in the area of ADHD, anxiety, and depression in the college student. He has worked extensively at undergraduate and graduate institutions.

Dr. Sachdev's program is designed to help high school students with ADHD (and the parents) transition to college. The program is individualized and tailored to each student. The purpose of his program is to paint a clear picture of what students with ADHD can truly expect to experience as they move out on their own and take on the increased workload of college classes. As a psychologist and an education consultant, Dr. Sachdev helps student and families understand how mental health affects life in school, what trials the students may have to cope with, and where students and families can go for help.

In just several meetings Dr. Sachdev will help:

* Teach parents and students what to expect academically and how to successfully handle day to day work demands. * Address the student's ability to live on his or her own while managing ADHD. * Explore the appropriate type of school and student body environment. * Discuss the new formats for teaching, classroom work, homework and grading. * Discuss social and emotional distractions and how to effectively handle them. * Teach specific skills and behaviors to handle college challenges. * Process how the illusion of "plenty of time" to get work done affects many ADHD students and build

techniques to prevent falling behind. ​* Guide parents in understand their roles in the college transition process. * Assess whether the student could benefit from any additional time in taking the SAT or the ACT. With these and many other valuable tools and skills, both parents and students will be armed with the knowledge needed for a successful outcome no matter what career path the student chooses to take. Mental Health does not have to be a barrier to academic success!

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