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The Kulkarni Group. Ltd


The Kulkarni Group, Ltd is a counseling resource for those that are desiring a more meaningful way of living- within themselves and with each other.  We seek to help our clients reach their highest potential through safe, compassionate interventions and support.

Our staff works with a variety of life's challenges including but not limited to:

     *  Trauma

     *  Depression & Anxiety

     *  Relationshipss

     *  ADHD in Children, Adolescents & Adults

     *  Abuse, Emotional, Physical & Sexual

     *  Grief, Loss & Bereavment

     *  Post Traumatic Stress

     *  Fear

     *  Forgivness

      *  Communication

      *  Attachment Disorders

      *  Corporate Counseling

      *  College Transitions

      *  Panic

      *  ASD

Medication Management

Individual Therapy

Family /Group Therapy

Corporate Counseling

Couples & Marriage Counseling


College Prep

Crisis Management

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