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Delightful! Take two people, put them in a unique environment, provide them with props and cues and have a situation that lends itself to sharing and bonding. The people in the film stepped in with, perhaps, some trepidation but still willing to take a chance on the experience. They started with introductions, shared stories and even got into some deeper discussions. They formed connections and they were meaningful. It looked like some connections might even continue!

This is not unlike therapy, where the therapist and client sit down in a safe comfortable place and open discussion is encouraged, insights are shared, and often, as the relationship and trust develop, tough issues are tackled. This is where change and growth happen. Being able to be a therapist is a privilege in which we walk our clients along the journey of life's struggles, eventually accompanying them to the next of many junctures through which they will bravely walk their own, strengthened and ready.


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