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May ~ Mental Health Awareness Month

Train created a music video that addresses loss, healing, and letting go. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and so to honor that Train created a gorgeous music video that is truly a work of art. Singer of the band Pat Monahan says: “Give It All is an important song to me. The song is about the deep losses in my life, as most of us have also experienced.”

He further discusses the collaboration they did with creative agency SoulPancake to create the video: “When we approached SoulPancake about producing this project, they instantly got what we were trying to do. We all want to make this not just another music video, but one that can inspire and empower people. “The dancers, Izzy and Ashleigh, are two teenagers who endure the struggles as millions of others their age. It’s heartbreaking to think that so many will view their situation as hopeless with no faith that life can change and shine bright again. With the help of SoulPancake, we want to be a voice for those who are struggling, to those who have pressed through and those who are healing.”

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